About us

Who are we?

Woodnest has been created by the Aano family- Kjartan & Sally and their daughter Lily. Kjartan, from a small island in Norway, is an electrician by trade, but is an all round handyman (obviously!). He has contributed significantly to the build of Woodnest from the stairs, to the cabin interior and electrical work. Sally, from South of Sydney, Australia, is the main communicator with guests and works on the managing of Woodnest and loves design and hosting guests. (the one that brings a lot of joy and happiness is their cute little apprentice Lily).



“If I ever marry that girl, I will build her a treehouse to propose in” said a shy Norwegian man, who fell in love with a girl from Sydney, Australia.  

He did build her that treehouse and of course she said yes.

Nestled 10 metres high in a tall pine, he built her a treehouse, a treehouse where the only way up was to climb the branches of the tree. That treehouse created so many wonderful memories, and from that very first treehouse came forth the dream to create Woodnest– treehouses that were perhaps a bit more safe than the one he built! Years on, here we are at woodnest, still very much in love with each other and excited about sharing our treehouses with travellers.

“The treehouse has always been a special place for us, a place to escape, to connect, to relax, to enjoy creation, breathe in fresh air, adventure out hiking, enjoy time with each other- and our hope is that you too will now experience the many joys that Woodnest can provide.”


Our goal at Woodnest is that each and every one of our guests gasps the word “wow”- as you look at the intricate details of the outward structure, as you run your hands along the fine woodwork interior, as you take a hot shower amidst the nature in a treehouse! As hosts we want to create a wow factor for our guests, that is what we are striving for.

At Woodnest we strive to go the extra mile for our guests, and want every guest to feel welcomed and valued. We are proud of our many years experience hosting guests, and as world travellers ourselves, we strive to make your stay at Woodnest one to be remembered. We love meeting new people and hope to be as available as you need throughout the stay.

Being a family business, we also believe family is a priority, and love to see families celebrating together. We envisioned Woodnest to be a place where couples can retreat and reflect, and where families and friends can create an experience to remember for a lifetime.