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Our newest and most exclusive treehouses!

  • Perfect for two people
  • Stunning view (Highest viewpoint, hardest climb)
  • Your own bathtub

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Reserve of 1 available accommodations.

Woodnest Mountaintops is available for selected dates.

Prices start at:

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The original treehouses that quickly gained international recognition

  • Suited for two, capacity for four people
  • Shortest climb

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Reserve of 1 available accommodations.

Woodnest Originals is available for selected dates.

Prices start at:


Woodnest Originals

Low season (Oct-Mar) *:

Weekday:  3300 NOK
Weekend (Fri–Sun):  7800 NOK

High season (Apr–Sep) *:

Weekdays: 4400 NOK
Weekends: 8800 NOK

Woodnest Mountaintops

Low season (Oct–Mar) *:

Weekday:  4300 NOK
Weekend (Fri-Sun):  9800 NOK

High season (Apr–Sep) *:

Weekdays: 5900 NOK
Weekends: 11800 NOK

Food services

The Lovenest package: 990 NOK

Breakfast for 1: 500 NOK
Breakfast for 2: 600 NOK
Breakfast for 3: 750 NOK
Breakfast for 4: 900 NOK

* These prices are for two people.  An additional fee of 700 NOK will apply per extra head per night. Max 4 people. Woodnest Mountaintops are only available for two people.

Weekends can only be booked Friday-Sunday.

Woodnest Treehouse

Our goal at Woodnest is that each and every one of our guests gasps the word “wow”- as you look at the intricate details of the outward structure, as you run your hands along the fine woodwork interior, as you take a hot shower amidst the nature in a treehouse! As hosts we want to create a wow factor for our guests, that is what we are striving for.

At Woodnest we strive to go the extra mile for our guests, and want every guest to feel welcomed and valued. We are proud of our many years experience hosting guests, and as world travellers ourselves, we strive to make your stay at Woodnest one to be remembered. We love meeting new people and hope to be as available as you need throughout the stay.

We envisioned Woodnest to be a place where couples can retreat and reflect, and where friends can create an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Do you want to give some a stay at one of the Woodnest Treehouses as a gift? Order a gift card.

Floor heating

Breathtaking natural views



Mini fridge

Flushing toilets

Fiber optic WiFi

Free parking


Tea and coffee maker

Bedding & towels