The Fjord

Odda, Norway


Odda is a small town situated at the end of Norway’s second longest fjord.  It is nestled between two of Norway’s largest national parks, Hardangervidda and Folgefonna. Odda has stunning waterfalls, emerald fjords, blue glaciers, snow capped peaks, and amazing nature and hikes to be explored. 

Some guests like to stay in bed, wake up to the sounds of birds singing in the trees,  make a coffee and enjoy the solace and peace. Others like to take a stroll down into the town of the colourful houses, and explore some colourful adventures Odda has to offer.  



Trolltunga is one of Norway’s most spectacular cliff formations hovering 700 metres above Ringedalsvatnet lake. Woodnest is about a 25/30min drive from Skjeggedal;  the starting point for trolltunga. The estimated hiking time is 9-12 hours. Public transport and shuttle bus service is available from Odda town centre. More information can be found at



Take a short 20min drive, through the 551 Odda tunnel to Bondhus. The walk takes approximately 2 hours return.. The historical road was built in 1863 to transport ice from the Bondhusbreen Glacier out of the fjord for export. Once you’ve reached the end, you arrive at crystal blue glacier water with the glacier in the distance.



Known as “short and steep” this hike leads through Tyssedal’s pipe trench. Follow Route 13 from Odda towards Kinsarvik to Tyssedal. Follow signs to Skjeggedal for 2 km. In the summertime, park at P1 Tyssohallen. Incredible views on the top from left to right.



Like the snow? Røldal ski centre is a 45min drive from Odda. Røldal is famous for having the deepest snow in Norway, creating a dream powder for skiers and boarders. The chairlift transports guests 1,000 metres above sea level, providing breathtaking views of the valley, and for the more experienced, can take lifts to a height of 1,300m, where a winter playground of untouched powder awaits.For those who prefer a slower pace, amazing cross country tracks are also located in the area. 

Making your way to WOODNEST


Most Norwegians love to get outdoors and especially going to the hytta (traditional norwegian cabin). Norwegians know that the journey it takes to the cabin is part of the adventure. Woodnest is located in Odda, a small town located at the end of the fjord, the walk up to the treehouse takes approx 15-20 mins. We would say it is short, it is steep but is sweet.

Once you have arrived at the parking place (starting point for Woodnest), you will take a 15-30min walk up into the woods, via a path. The path has been made with as little impact to the environment as possible. Wooden and steel stairs are in place for the steeper parts of the hike to the treehouse. Handmade stone steps have been moved in place to make the path easier. The walk time will vary depending on guest fitness and luggage.  Unfortunately we have no alternate entry points at this stage for those with disabilities or wheelchairs. Alternate transport may be offered to a closer entrance point upon enquiry, which will cut half the walk time to Woodnest. This is a flexible option and is an additional cost on top of the price of booking and dependent on availability.

We strongly recommend guests to wear suitable clothing and especially footwear upon arrival for the walk. We do not carry luggage for you during the walk to Woodnest, but can provide you with backpacks if notified prior to arrival (e.g. if you have only suitcases). 

Travel time: 

From Bergen – approx 2.5 hours by car or 3 hours by bus.

From Stavanger – approx 3.5 hours by car or 5.5 hours by bus 

From Oslo –  approx 5.5 hours by car or 7.5 hours by bus

See bus schedule from all pickup points at: