Woodnest Originals

The originals are the first edition to the woodnest treehouse collection. These luxury treehouses quickly gained worldwide recognition, the BBC naming Woodnest in the top 8 of the worlds best forest homes.

Suspended 6 metres above the forest floor, these panoramic treehouses overlook the majestic Hardanger Fjord. These 14m2 treehouses use groundbreaking engineering, as the tree is encased with a metal collar which allows the tree to live freely inside.

These beautiful treehouses are the perfect escape for two but can accomodate 4 by simply removing the couch underneath.

  • Original Treehouses: 2
  • Max capacity: 4 persons
  • Length of hike: 25-30 minutes

The journey up to any of our treehouses requires a hike up to the forest. We believe this to be apart of the experience, please be prepared for a steep hike up varied terrain rocks and stairs and forest floor. We recommend 25-30mins. Note in the winter the hike requires snow shoes to which we provide.

Included in Woodnest Originals

Floor heating

Breathtaking natural views

Breakfast (optional)


Mini fridge

Flushing toilets

Fiber optic WiFi

Free parking


Tea and coffee maker

Bedding & towels


“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes…Including you”.

– Anne Lamott



All our treehouses are designed by Norwegian architects Helen & Hard.